5 Habits of Customer-Obsessed Companies

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There’s a reason ESPN, Google, and Zynga lead their industries. They’re relentless about understanding their users. Here’s how you can be too.

Creative Living

Daydream Fridays – Favourite Oscar Acceptances Speeches

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Over the years some of the acceptance speeches of the Academy awards have become as famous as the movies themselves. Here’s some of our favourites from Oscar’s past.

Historical Couples

Historical Couples: Clara Hughes and Peter Guzman

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Clara Hughes is Canada’s most decorated Olympian, and is the only athlete in history to win multiple medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Though she’s trained with some of the best coaches, her husband, Peter, has been her greatest teacher.

Cooking for 2

Cooking for Two: Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Poppers

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Jalapeno Poppers are always a crowd pleaser, and a staple at the Super Bowl Sunday snacks set up. Paired with buffalo chicken, and bacon…these things are ah-mazing!

Creative Weddings

Wedding Cake Inspiration Roundup

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Here’s a collection of yummy & beautiful-looking treats that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests and their taste buds. Image Source: Share

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The Healthy Hearts of Orchard Owners, Darcel and Hank Markgraf,

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Perhaps one of the best ingredients to food is love – and BC Tree Fruit growers Darcel and Hank Markgraf have got it growing on trees.

Weekly Well Being

Weekly Well Being: Celebrating Love!

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Every year there are two dates that we often set aside to celebrate love, Valentines Day and our Anniversary. We often try to find the right gift for our partner to express how we really feel about them. A box of chocolates, a movie, a bottle of bubbly are all great gifts but maybe this year to show your significant other how much you love them, you can step it up a notch.

Music Mondays

Music Mondays: Tennis – Marathon

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The husband & wife duo ‘Tennis’ have seen a lot and they’ve seen it together, keeping it simple yet effective.

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